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Dance Into The Nineties mixen

Komende zaterdag organiseren we met Badmintonclub Oudegem onze eerste Dance Into The Nineties party. Zelf ben ik éen van de DJ's. Als opwarmertje maakte ik twee mixen met het programma Virtual DJ.

Dance Into the Nineties Part 1 (dance & club music) - Download

Dance Into the Nineties Part 2 (eurodance) - Download

Bekijk de tracklijst bij lees meer



Dance Into the nineties part 1:
Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler
Technotronic – Pump up the jam
Faithless – God is a DJ
BBE – Seven days and one week
Push – Universal Nation
Fiocco – Afflito
The Mackenzie ft Jessy – Innocence (club mix)
Sash – Ecuador (club mix)
2 Unlimited – No Limits
Double Vision – Knockin
Paradisio – Bailando
2 fabiola – Lift U Up
Culture Beat – Mr Vain
Modo – Ein zwei polizei
DJ Visage – Formula (Schumacher)
Scoop – Drop it
Da Rick – Attention
Ixxel – Drop That Beat
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
Poco Loco gang – Poco Loco
Silvio Ecomo – No Dip
Southside spinners – Luvestruck
The Sunclub – Fiesta
Leila K – Open Sesame
The Prodigy – Out of space
2 Unlimited – Jump for joy
Swat – The fly is dead
Bonzai channel one - Thunderball

Dance Into the nineties part 2:
Playahitty - The Summer is Magic
Twenty 4 Seven – Slave 2 the music
Culture Beat – Mr Vain
Maxx – Get Away
Capella – U got to let the music
DJ Bobo – Love is all around
Captain Hollywood Project – More and more
Corona - Don’t wanna be a star
Culture Beat – Anything
Ice MC – Think about the way
Intermission – Peace of my heart
Jam & Spoon - Right in the night
Loft – Hold on
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams
Love Message – Love Message
Magic Affair – Omen III
Maxx – No More
T-Spoon – Take me to the limit
2 brothers on the fourth floor – Dreams
Urban Cookie Collective – The Key, the secret
The real McCoy – Another Night
La Bouche – Be My Lover
Ice Mc – It’s a rainy day
2 brothers on the fourth floor – Never alone
Snap – Rhythm is a dancer
2 fabiola – Freak Out
DJ Paul Elstak – Love u more
DJ Paul Elstak – Rainbow high in the sky

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